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A Correctly Managed Cloud Ensures Efficiency

Enterprises are trying to offer value-added projects with the impact of the competition in their era. They implement these projects more efficiently and cost-effectively with the contribution of technology.

However, they also face a complex technological infrastructure in return. Especially during this infrastructure change, they feel the need to migrate from standard data centers to a cloud or multi-cloud structure. And having different cloud providers in the infrastructure during this transition process results in a difficult-to-manage and complex system.
Eclit simplifies and manages this complexity for you.

What Does Cloud Management Offer?

Thanks to Cloud Management, the multi-cloud structure in your infrastructure is managed end-to-end. Your systems may be on Azure, AWS, and/or a local cloud provider. With the Cloud Management service, your entire multi-cloud infrastructure is analyzed and necessary automations are made. The services or domains you need are provided by Azure, AWS or a local cloud provider, allowing you to achieve productivity and cost-efficiency without giving compromises on performance.

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What are the Benefits of Cloud Management ?

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Your operating costs go down and productivity goes up.

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You eliminate the management and operational burden of your multi-cloud infrastructure.

IT planlama

Your IT system improves thanks to planning and budgeting.

Sistem mudahale

Any possible issues are instantly intervened to prevent interruptions.

İSO güvenlik

Your infrastructure is managed in compliance with ITIL practices and international standards such as ISO 20000 and ISO 27001.

Eclit kılavuz

You have the utmost control over your system thanks to the management manuals and operational booklets/manuals.


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With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure
achieve high performance without making their customers wait.


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Eclit's Support for Koalay's
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As one of the young and dynamic companies of the insurance industry.


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A Reliable Business Partner Is
a Must for E-commerce Infrastructures

With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure achieve
high performance without making their customers wait.


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Mikro Yazılım Found The Answer
To Sustainability And Redundancy With Eclit

Mikro Yazılım, searching for a dependable partner to get operational
IT support on its renewed business processes, crossed paths with Eclit.


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