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The IT infrastructure of your business consists of many layers including network, hardware, and virtualization. System Health Check allows Eclit system engineers to check all these layers are configured in the most accurate way and work efficiently. Then the results of the analysis are reported so that you can make the right IT investments.

What Does System Health Check Offer?

We adopt a simple but effective four-step process that allows us to provide “best practice” recommendations about the problems your IT systems experience.


The Eclit Solution Architect first organizes a scoping meeting and determines the issues that cause operational problems. When the plan is ready, we evaluate the components of your IT infrastructure under the following categories:

  • Physical Servers and Components: Extraction of the entire inventory for the server, network and storage, and the creation of connection diagrams.
  • The Hypervisor Layer: Version and hardware firmware analyses of the virtualization layer, control of configurations that will ensure business continuity, virtual server resource usage and conflicts, and host distributions.
  • The Network Layer: Firmware checks, Single Point of Failure (SPOF) analysis, control of VLAN configurations, firewall and load balancer configuration checks.
  • The Storage Layer: Layering, high availability, performance and configuration checks.


To ensure optimum configuration and consistency according to best practice, we present the data collected during the analysis phase. In doing so, we identify, characterize and prioritize areas where service can be optimized, as well as issues that may impact business operations. The evaluation is based on the following:

  • Identifying the existing system architecture and operating model, and determining how the technology is used.
  • Ensuring High Availability and disaster recovery preparedness, as well as reviewing SPoF points.
  • Checking the overall system health to make sure that all important services are working correctly.
  • Describing service-related problems and identifying possible solutions.
  • Creating a reference point for performance and making recommendations on future optimization.
  • Analyzing whether functional requirements have been met and applied according to best practices.
  • Checking current component versions and potential upgrade roadmaps.
  • Defining design or feature implementation changes to meet business requirements in the best way possible.
  • Learning about the additional benefits of your licenses.
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Fully understanding what is going on in your environment is as important as resolving the problems or threats you face. Eclit's comprehensive service and improvement report will provide you with the following information:

  • A priority list of the main risks, problems, recommendations and next steps.
  • Essentials of your existing systems and parts that need to be restructured.
  • Capacity details of your virtual servers, including CPU/RAM, and incorrectly configured VM settings.
  • Storage usage, data configuration and replication/backup optimizations.
  • High Availability and disaster configuration.
  • Potential threats that could cause breakdown.


Eclit sends the report to be reviewed via email before submitting the executive summary to your team. All topics, including risk analyses, problems, and recommendations about your environment, are mutually reviewed and, as a result, an offer for the long-term Eclit services you need and an analysis report are submitted.

IT system health

You may be planning a system update or just want to check if everything is working properly. Taking advantage of the applications around the world and manufacturers' best practices, Eclit offers you the improvements you need to solve any problems or to make all your systems work at the optimal level.

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