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Mikro Yazılım Found The Answer To
Sustainability And Redundancy With Eclit

Mikro Yazılım, searching for a dependable partner to get operational IT support on its renewed business processes, crossed paths with Eclit.

Founded in 1988, Mikro Yazılım is a software and service company specialized in developing commercial software customized to satisfy every need of small, medium, and large-sized enterprises from all industries.

Mikro Yazılım is a company that has managed to offer its products and services to over 100.000 registered customers both in Turkey and abroad. The Information Technology and Data Center Operations Manager at Mikro Yazılım, Zirve Yazılım, and Paraşüt companies, Sercan Çokyeğit, said : “We planned 2021 as the ‘Customer Experience Enhancement Year’. Thus, as a 'Customer-Obsessed' service provider, we aim to establish subscription-based, long-term relationships with our customers."

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In terms of sustainability, Eclit was the right business partner.

Sercan Çokyeğit underlined that they were on the lookout for a business partner during their restructuring process and said: “We commenced Code Refactoring efforts, which initially started in 2020, in our infrastructure architectures, as well. Based on the needs emerging as a result of these efforts, we decided to go with Eclit, a company that operates in Turkey with a redundant architecture on both software and hardware levels."

Following their technical meetings, Sercan Çokyeğit emphasized that they gave the priority to sustainability and redundancy in all the steps and added: "As the first step, we established direct access between our main system room and Eclit Cloud's data centers. Since Eclit Cloud used Tier-3 data centers that are all located in Turkey and compliant will all regulations we can access Eclit Cloud on Layer-2 level very quickly. We were able to seamlessly send all our data to Eclit Cloud thanks to the All Flash Storage technology Eclit placed in our central location and thus started working from Eclit Cloud.

We also started the development processes together with these efforts. Thanks to the fast disc speed and quick backup features, we are now able to process and backup our ever-growing data much faster."

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24/7 Uninterrupted Service

Sercan Çokyeğit stressed how important it is for Mikro to be able to provide its customers with uninterrupted service that runs 24/7 and said: "In parallel with this, we were able to create the architecture we aimed for, in terms of being prepared against emergencies, through the Disaster Recovery Center we established with Eclit. Today, we can optimize all our structures in a more organized way and they are easily manageable. As we take new steps within the DevOps culture, moving forward with Eclit gives us more confidence. Applying innovative solutions in our industry is vital for both Mikro and our other group companies. We thank our solution partner Eclit for standing by our side as we bring all these innovations to life."


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