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A Reliable Business Partner Is a Must
for E-commerce Infrastructures

With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure achieve high performance without making their customers wait.

Inveon Engineering Vice President Cudi Ünal defines Inveon as a technology company that offers infrastructure solutions focused on digital commerce and develops mobile e-commerce applications to support them and adds: "We have been operating since 2006. Our business partners include companies operating in the retail and consumer products sectors. With our offices in Istanbul, Dubai, London and Geneva, we serve nearly 40 million consumers in about 15 countries. We always focus on development and growth. As the first official R&D center in the field of e-commerce in Turkey, we continue improving our innovative structure while maintaining this title."

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Inveon Engineering Vice President Cudi Ünal

Emphasizing that they maintain their growth trend with InCommerce and GrowthLab products, Ünal continues: "Every year, Deloitte announces a list fastest-growing technology companies. We made to this list and received an award in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Due to the characteristics of e-commerce, our customers need many services. These may include software, consulting and data center services, or specialist services from third parties. Thanks to its developing structure, Inveon offers these services to its customers with a single structure."

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Eclit is our partner in data center services

Ünal stated that while providing all these services to their customers, they started to work with Eclit as a business partner in data center services, and said: “While bringing all these services under one roof, we also need business partners who are experts in their fields of operation. Our paths crossed with Eclit during our search for data center services. We were looking for an innovative, open-to-development, reliable business partner who could support us with stable systems. We met Eclit thanks to a common customer, and that's how our cooperation started."

Cudi Ünal underlined that they were able to create a holistic e-commerce presence for their customers with the systems they bought from Eclit and continued as follows: “E-commerce is a very sensitive area. In this area, you need to have a high-performance infrastructure and these systems need to work 24/7 since every minute has a commercial value. Working in cooperation with Eclit, we are building infrastructures that make our customers feel secure, working 24/7 and bringing e-commerce to end consumers without interruption. Security and computing power are the most important issues in e-commerce infrastructures. Working together with Eclit, we are able to offer systems that our customers feel safe about these matters."

Campaign management is the most critical issue

Stating that companies need much more resources during campaign periods than their existing ones, Cudi Ünal commented: “Resource needs go way beyond the normal level during campaign periods. A resource requirement, which is normally one unit, can increase up to ten units. It is very difficult to manage these needs with fixed resource pools. Eclit offers us some flexibility here. Despite these traffic spikes, which can be defined as "irrational" from time to time, Eclit always keeps the infrastructure ready and allocates these resources for us. And this contributes greatly to our seamless operation during campaign periods.”

Stating that Inveon applications run on both Linux and Windows operating systems, Cudi Ünal said: "We use many open-source database technologies, especially Microsoft technologies. Since we have an extensive portfolio, we need experts to work with us in each of these. Eclit supports us by assigning the resources we need. In this way, we carry out efficient operations. Recently, we have started creating our applications with .NET Core in a microservice-based architecture. Container and container orchestration technologies and especially Kubernetes come naturally with these applications. Eclit provides us with the necessary experts and resources we need in this respect, and we work in harmony."

100% Uptime

Cudi Ünal also stated that they offer their customers a 99.5 percent uptime guarantee and concluded as follows: “With our cooperation with Eclit, we can easily increase this rate to 100 percent. The importance of this ratio has its roots in the nature of e-commerce since every minute matters in this sector. Thanks to the flexible and high-performance solutions offered to us, we provide an experience where customers can make their purchase safely 24/7. In addition, Eclit has all necessary certifications related to security. This gives us and our customers an additional sense of security.”


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