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A Reliable Business Partner Is
a Must for E-commerce Infrastructures

Inveon, which offers corporate digital commerce solutions to retail and consumer products companies

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Eclit's Support for Koalay's Online Insurance Policy Service

As one of the young and dynamic companies of the insurance industry, Koalay seamlessly manages increasing workloads and requests with Eclit’s infrastructure support.

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Thanks to Eclit's affordable CEP solution, we can copy the employee data on devices such as notebooks, tablets and mobile phones to the cloud and monitor them. In cases such as loss, deletion or theft, we can intervene remotely without wasting time, and encrypt or delete data if necessary thanks to the convenience of centralized management.

Serdar Erçetin
IT Supervisor

Başarı hikayalerimiz Boyner

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Eclit team for providing us continuous management, monitoring and support services without interruption, even while working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Özgür Erbay
Senior System Administrator

Eclit Agdaş

This was the first Disaster Recovery Center experience of AGDAŞ and us, the IT team. Living this adventure with Eclit was an impressive experience for us. We would like to thank the entire Eclit team for their devotion.

Tufan Bıyıktaş
IT Manager

Eclit Agdaş

Thanks to Eclit's Managed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity service, we maintained our workflow without any interruptions in our systems, even during the Covid-19 pandemic when we worked from home. Knowing that our systems were monitored 24/7 made us feel safe. We would like to thank the entire Eclit team who have been with us day and night during this difficult.

Tufan Bıyıktaş
IT Manager

Başarı hikayalerimiz Keds

We succeeded together in the project of Turkcell SVM migration with Eclit. This project that the first for this region and turkey. As Keds and Kesco we are very thankful for Eclit team for their workings and interest.

Orçun Yıldırım
MBS Application Manager

İbrahim Polat Holding  logo

Thanks to Eclit's disaster recovery solution, we ensure business continuity in case of any system malfunction without experiencing any restriction or data loss that affects our colleagues negatively. In addition, the Eclit team ensures that our tests are carried out regularly and presents all the necessary reports to help us follow up on our business. We are grateful to all Eclit employees.

Information Technologies Manager

Eclit Moroglu Arseven

As an independent law firm that combines extensive expertise and experience in the field of business law, security was our top concern during our migration to the cloud. This was a stressful process that had to be managed meticulously. Thanks to its experience, Pukta completed this transition smoothly and swiftly. After that, Pukta turned into a teammate whom we could reach any time from anywhere. It was as if we were working together in the office. They helped us resolve any kind of problems as soon as possible and never left one unresolved.

Burcu Tuzcu Ersin
Attorney / Moroğlu Arseven Ortağı

IT segmentify

On the cloud platform operated by Eclit with expertise, we provide uninterrupted service to our customers, which include giant brands of the e-commerce sector.

Serhan Kıymaz

Başarı hikayelerimiz Evidea

We put great emphasis on keeping e-commerce and retailing operations precise and uninterrupted. Boasting extensive experience on the field, Eclit confidently undertook the transition project and came through with flying colors. I have no doubt that we will continue our achievements in many more projects to come.

Ali Fuat Figan
IT Operations Manager

Başarı hikayalerimiz Gusto

It is vital to run operations without interruption in retailing and e-commerce. Thanks to Eclit's experience in the retailing industry, we are reassured in knowing that our IT systems are always running and any software or hardware issues in our store can be fixed momentarily, regardless of the hour or day of the week.

Pelin Mete
Chairman of the Board

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