The Fastest and Safest Way to Merge Your Offices and
Branches into a Single Network

Software Defined WAN (SDN) is a software-defined network technology that uses high-performance, secure and easy-to-manage WAN connections used for connecting branches to the head office and/or to a data center, and managing them easily.

What Does SD-WAN Offer?

Lower your purchasing and operating costs

You can extend or change your MPLS structures with SD-WAN to enable your remote branches and users to use your central applications. Thus, you can improve your installation and operating costs by at least 50 percent.

Provide ISP-independent redundant connection

You can get different types of connections from different service providers such as Fiber, Radiolink, Cable Modem, DSL, 3G, 4G, 5G, and combine all of them securely with SD-WAN.

Get more agile and flexible applications

If you have a problem in a branch office, you can quickly find a solution with SD-WAN and use your time in your own favor.

Ensure high application performance

With SD-WAN, you can enable your branches to securely, directly and quickly access the applications they need, using different connection types.

Bulut Güvenlik Hizmetleri
Software Defined   WAN

What are the Benefits of SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is usually configured for 4 different purposes in the network structure:

Bağlantı maliyeti

Connection costs

Traditional MPLS connections are expensive. Organizations want to switch to affordable broadband WAN options without giving up on management comfort and security.

IT İş sürekliliği red

Operational continuity

In case of an interruption on the internet (WAN) connection, all sessions are protected through redundant connections and continue without interruption.

Kritik müdahale yönetimi

The quality of business-critical applications

Organizations want their application traffic and performance to be visible in real-time. This way, business-critical applications can be prioritized and their quality can be maintained.

Bulut guvenlik yapısı

Easy-to-manage high-security structure

It simplifies and automates complex and time-consuming processes between branches such as decommissioning, configuring and managing VPN connections.

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