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The retail industry is considered to be the lifeblood of economies all over the world. After growing at an even greater pace with the support of e-commerce during the pandemic, the retail industry is expected to exceed $30 trillion in global volume by the end of 2022. The use of technological tools also becomes important with the rapid change in the retail industry, which is considered one of the largest sectors in the light of these figures.

Eclit simplifies IT for you: we simplify IT for many companies, from shopping malls to restaurants and cafes, chain stores to boutique e-commerce companies, and provide support for IT infrastructures. Businesses that use our solutions receive 24/7 instant support for all possible problems and make sure that their infrastructure is always safe, focusing on their main business by working with a team that knows them well.

Businesses working with Eclit take a step forward by standing out in their fields by offering advantages such as less waiting time and flexibility in e-commerce infrastructure during campaign periods. Also, our products and solutions ensure high performance for websites. We prevent interruptions and offer a scalable, seamless IT infrastructure that meets your immediate needs. With its experience of more than twenty years and its agility in the field, Eclit continues to be the biggest supporter of its customers in the retail industry.

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Advantages of using Eclit:

  • Boost your productivity while reducing your operating costs with technologies and solutions created for the retail sector by Eclit engineers.
  • Take advantage of Eclit's expertise and avoid possible problems with a proactive approach.
  • With the Eclit technical support team working 24/7, you can get the technical support you need for your retail and e-commerce businesses and for intervening in technical problems instantly.
  • Pay as you go. Do not invest in obsolete IT infrastructures. Prefer Eclit Cloud to always use the latest technology and take advantage of Eclit Cloud's flexible structure when you need more system resources, such as during campaign periods.
  • Create swift solutions for your changing business needs.
  • You don't have to deal with the difficulties of establishing a competent IT team experienced in retail and e-commerce. Enjoy the privilege of working with a team that knows you and your needs.
  • Use Eclit's expertise in disaster recovery systems supported by a powerful cloud infrastructure installed on different data centers to secure your organization.


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With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure
achieve high performance without making their customers wait.


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With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure achieve
high performance without making their customers wait.


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