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as a SERVICE (PaaS)

A Complete, Flexible and Cost-Effective Cloud Platform
for Application Development, Operation and Management

Eclit's Platform as a Service (PaaS) package is a cloud computing model that provides the customer with a complete cloud platform, including hardware, software and infrastructure, for the development, execution and management of applications. The cost, complexity and inflexibility problems that typically arise within the company when the platform is built and maintained internally are eliminated.

What Does Platform as a Service Offer?

The PaaS provider hosts everything in the data center, including servers, networks, storage, operating system software, databases and development tools. Customers can pay a fixed fee for a certain amount of resources used by a certain number of users, or they can choose a "pay-as-you-go" pricing option and only pay for the resources they use. Both options enable PaaS customers to build, test, deploy, run, update and scale applications faster and more cost-effectively if they have to build and manage their own on-premises platform.

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Platform as a Service Ne Fayda Sağlar?

Faster delivery to market

With PaaS, you don't need to purchase and set up the hardware and software you will use for building and maintaining your application development platform. Also, development teams don't need to wait while you are doing this. You just need to make use of the cloud service provider's PaaS to provide resources and start developing right away.

Affordable access to a wider range of resources

PaaS platforms often provide access to more options than most organizations can practically or affordably maintain by themselves. These include operating systems, middleware, databases, and development tools.

More freedom of experimentation with less risk

PaaS also enables you to try or test new operating systems, languages and other tools without having to make significant investments in these or the infrastructure necessary to run them.

Easy and affordable scalability

Scaling with an on-premises platform is always costly, often inefficient and sometimes inadequate. In times of higher traffic, you need to purchase additional computing, storage, and network capacity. Most of this capacity stays idle during low-traffic periods and cannot be upgraded over time to accommodate unexpected spikes. With PaaS, you can buy additional capacity and start using it right away if needed.

Lower costs in general

It is clear that PaaS lowers costs by helping organizations avoid the capital equipment expenses associated with building and scaling up their own application platform. It can also lower or eliminate software licensing costs. Furthermore, it may also reduce your overall application management costs by performing patches, updates, and other management tasks.