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The Most Accurate and Highest-Security Management for Your IT Infrastructure

The first and most important step to ensure that IT applications run fast and reliably, the network layer should be accurately designed and properly operated. Although the network layer is perceived as an infrastructure that is set up once and then minimally interfered with by IT units, the services received by many organizations in terms of both security and efficiency are far below the level needed at the network layer.

Thanks to Eclit's proactive network and security management services, you can have and maintain a structure that is up-to-date, reliable and supports your applications in the right way.

What Does Network and Security Management Offer?

  • 24/7 monitoring of network devices
  • Periodical updates and SD-WAN management
  • Creation and update of system room topology drawings
  • Resolving network slowness and access problems
  • SSL, VPN, NAT, IPSEC definitions on firewall
  • Usage reporting
  • Preparation of new end-unit network infrastructures
  • Configuration and change management
  • Port security / WiFi security definitions
  • Monthly operational reporting and recommendations for improvement
  • Periodic performance check on network devices
  • Opening cases to the manufacturer for unresolvable problems and hardware failures and tracking them
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What are the Advantages of Network and Security Management?

IT işletim sistemi

You eliminate the operational burden of your network and security infrastructure

7/24 proaktif izleme

Your entire system is proactively monitored 24/7. Any possible issues are instantly intervened to prevent interruptions

IT olası kesinti önleme

Your operating system is managed in compliance with ITIL practices and international standards such as ISO 20000 and ISO 27001

IT Uluslararası standart siyah

You have the utmost control over your system thanks to the management manuals and operational booklets/manuals.


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