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IT Master Plan Ensures Perfect Harmony with New Technologies

IT Master Plan is a consultancy service provided by Eclit in line with the future projections and strategic goals of institutions, regarding the modelling, planning and commissioning of IT subjects, such as rapid adaptation to new technologies, operational development, service quality improvement, cost optimization and resource utilization.

What Does IT Master Plan Offer?

  • IT Resource Efficiency Analysis
  • IT Compliance Analysis (CMB, PDPL, ISO certificates)
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud Transformation
  • Mid- and long-term innovation roadmap
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What are the Advantages of IT Master Plan?

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You use and manage your resources efficiently.

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You make use of all the benefits of the hybrid cloud.

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You can easily prepare medium- and long-term roadmaps for the innovations you plan for your business.

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