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A Complete End-to-End Solution for Your Corporate IT Needs

End-User Support is the closest working partner providing 24/7 support and offering fast solutions for any issues users experience while working on their computers. It supports all products and services provided by Eclit and constantly improves itself to solve problems.

What Does End-User Support Offer?

End-User Support offers you fast solutions for any technical problem you experience. When you encounter an issue, you don't have to think about by whom or how it will be resolved. You can simply open your log in the Eclit End-User Support system, and it is no longer your problem. Eclit End-User Support also provides on-site support services all around Turkey. Whenever you need it, the experienced Eclit team is with you.

Eclit End-User Support analyses your customer experience as a whole by managing your requests sent through different channels from a single platform. Eclit End-User Support works in integration with the Eclit Monitoring system and can automatically generate requests. Thanks to its staff with different levels of expertise, it ensures uninterrupted operation of your system by proactively taking action against problems that may otherwise cause chaos. It offers consulting services for the investments you need and thus helps you invest in the right tools or resources.

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What are the Advantages of End-User Support?

20 Yılı aşkın IT tecrübesi

Over 20 years experience

Eclit has redetermined the definition of the word “help” with its End-User Support system, which has brought it a leader position in the sector. Eclit has not left any of its customers' technical problems unresolved until today. Besides providing on-site support all around Turkey when necessary, it also proves its experience by providing 24/7 remote support.

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Proactive helpdesk management

End-User Support closely monitors your system with Eclit's Monitoring support, and detects and resolves any problem before you see them, thanks to its proactive actions.

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End-to-end solution

Your servers continue working smoothly in the Eclit Cloud, while your users do so in the office. Eclit makes life easier for businesses with its end-to-end solutions.

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A team that knows you and your needs

End-User Support knows its customers. Knowing the problems you have faced before and what you may face in the future, it offers permanent solutions for you.


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Logo's E-transactions Accelerates with Eclit

With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure
achieve high performance without making their customers wait.


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Eclit's Support for Koalay's
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As one of the young and dynamic companies of the insurance industry.


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A Reliable Business Partner Is
a Must for E-commerce Infrastructures

With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure achieve
high performance without making their customers wait.


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Mikro Yazılım Found The Answer
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IT support on its renewed business processes, crossed paths with Eclit.


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