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When you visit our Site, ECLIT may place a file called a "cookie" in the browser directory located in your computer's hard drive. A cookie is a small piece of information that a website can store in your web browser and retrieve later. In most cases, this information (known as session cookies) is temporary and deleted after you leave the Site and close your browser. Session cookies are used only to ensure that you interact effectively with the Site. Sometimes, the Site stores information using cookies (permanent cookies) that store information for a longer period of time than the current session. If this is the case, the visitor is clearly notified on the web page and can choose not to use the web page feature. Cookies enable the Site to detect the information that you voluntarily provide to the Site. They also help ECLIT decide which parts of the Site suit your needs the best. ECLIT does NOT use cookies to follow your browsing behaviors before or after leaving the Site.

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