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Protecting Your Cloud Applications Made
Possible with Cloud Security Services

The cloud is a high-end platform where new technologies are implemented for security-conscious users, cybersecurity experts are on patrol day and night, and the latest digital threats are addressed in real-time.

Cloud security provides organizations with an approach to address security requirements and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Eclit Cloud Security Services is a suite of technologies, protocols and best practices used for protecting cloud computing environments, applications running on the cloud, and data stored in the cloud.

What Does Cloud Security Services Offer?

Back-end development tasks against general vulnerabilities are mostly carried out by cloud service providers. With Cloud Security Services, businesses both get the chance to choose a security-conscious provider and focus on proper service configuration and safe usage habits to assign the job to a field expert.

Also, Eclit services allow user enterprises to ensure that the security of end-user hardware and networks is properly established.

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Eclit bulut güvenlik hizmetleri

What are the Benefits of Cloud Security Services?

Lower Risk

With Cloud Security Services, you can reinforce your security approach and reduce possible risks with security-oriented design principles focused on providing built-in security controls.

Safety and Convenience

Cloud computing makes life easier for businesses, but it also brings security problems. However, with the convenience and easy access offered by Eclit services, you can enjoy a safe infrastructure.


Eclit ensures that your systems in the cloud, from the main infrastructure to e-mails and documents, are secure 24/7, allowing you to focus on your main business. So you don't have to worry about whether attackers are targeting your business or not.

One-Stop Management

With Cloud Security Services, you can protect, monitor and manage your infrastructures 24/7 from a single point, and intervene quickly.

Proactive Protection

You can proactively protect your data with access controls, manage user risks and visibility, and provide tools for discovery and classification.

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