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Managed services have become more in demand in parallel with the acceleration in digitalization. A major reason for this is that the pandemic, which has hit the whole world, has forced platforms to mass digital migration.

As a result, our reflexes and business processes, which were already rooted in the real world, have changed and transferred to digital at a radical pace. In this period that changed our way of life, new habits also emerged. The most important of these new habits was the shift to online shopping, in parallel to the working models' shift to online platforms. Businesses that wanted to reach the end-user had to complete their digital transformation in weeks, which would normally take years. Consequently, businesses have become aware of the infrastructure deficiencies of their systems. Striving to exist in a competitive market, companies have started to use managed services to close this gap. With its comprehensive services designed for customers who want to achieve more with less cost, Eclit offers solutions that businesses need for their digital transformation.

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1. What are Managed Services? What Advantages Does it Offer?

In general, managed services are services that develop tailored strategies for your business, provide clear functional responsibilities and results, do not require the transfer of persons or assets, ensure continuous development in line with the platform, and provide rapid access to the latest technologies.

Brands that use managed services can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Increased system performance,
  • Decrease in application consolidation and license costs,
  • Increased efficiency in IT management,
  • Faster call management processes,
  • Reduction in proactive monitoring and management costs,
  • Up to 99.90% increase in accessibility,
  • Higher internal customer satisfaction,
  • A securer infrastructure and a higher ROI,
  • Having an infrastructure of international standards and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Backup, Network, Security, Infrastructure, and Monitoring solutions are the most preferred managed services.

2. What Do Managed Services Solutions Cover?

Although every business needs different solutions, many companies have applications and potential problems that can affect workflows at a similar level of criticality. Disruptions of critical applications, experiencing problems, or downtime are among the issues that businesses fear the most.

Now, let's have a look at the benefits of the abovementioned solutions that ensure business continuity for companies.

3. What Can a Properly Managed Service Provider Offer You?

3.1. Monitoring and Instant Notification

Essentially, 24/7 monitoring of systems and notifications sent to relevant people in case of an emergency provide a serious advantage for the IT department of a business. Because a business that does not work 24/7 may not notice a problem that occurs at night until the next morning. Thanks to the monitoring and instant notification features offered in managed services, such problems are detected and reported to relevant people earlier and resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, the company may lose time and money until the problem is fixed, as it will face the problem only the next morning. Besides, the inability to respond to requests and having a faulty system can also lead to a loss of reputation. Managed services not only prevent loss of reputation but also ensure proactive monitoring and decrease management costs.

3.2. Working with a Team of Various Specialties and Competencies

The IT department of an enterprise is generally responsible for managing its resources. But given their current workloads, it is not feasible for them to become experts in all areas by closely following the most recent developments in the rapidly developing IT world. Thanks to managed services, an existing problem can be solved quickly or necessary measures against a potential problem can be taken with an extensive team of experts specialized in the latest applications, solutions, or niche topics in the IT world which changes and develops at an unprecedented pace. Thus, system performance and internal customer satisfaction can also be increased.

3.3. Avoiding Interruption Costs with a Seamless Infrastructure

Similar to the 24/7 monitoring service, it is possible to notice and take precautions against possible interruptions, solve the problem when it arises, and thus prevent downtime costs by preventing breakdowns without having to deal with it during working hours. Considering that every minute of interruption is an extra cost for businesses in the retail or services industries, any extended outage and a late-coming resolution can cause serious costs that can prevent that business from reaching its annual targets. Of course, this is not the case for businesses that prefer Eclit's managed services. They can always be one step ahead! Managed services also make it possible for you to increase your accessibility rate up to 99.90%.

3.4. Effective Use of Hardware Resources

Ensuring the most effective use of hardware resources is one of the benefits that can only be offered by specialists. An organization's IT department's lack of sufficient number of specialists in all relevant areas prevents the efficient use of hardware resources. Of course, this is not the case for businesses that use managed services. With managed services, businesses can receive service from an extensive pool of experts and thus achieve cost advantages through the effective use of hardware resources. They can also ensure maximum efficiency by using resources in the most appropriate way.

3.5. Focusing More on Application Development

For people working in IT departments, it is an extra workload to deal with the daily and relatively simpler problems of the business. This also makes it more difficult for businesses to provide sufficient time and space for the IT team. In a business that uses managed services, the IT department has more flexibly and thus the opportunity to devote more time to developing applications that can create a difference for that enterprise. This advantage, which provides substantial benefits for businesses that aim for the future, is also one of the outputs that managed services can improve in the long term. This can also bring an increased efficiency in IT management.

Managed Services Make It Possible to Be One Step Ahead At All Times

While digital transformation is underway in all aspects of life, there is almost no margin for error in a competitive environment. Otherwise, businesses can easily lose time while trying to consolidate their infrastructure. However, businesses that use Eclit's managed services can easily find the space and time to focus on issues that will create added value for the organization, rather than dealing with operational burdens. Thus, a business that achieves more by spending fewer experiences seamless business processes and always gets one step ahead of its competitors.

You can also see Eclit's services in detail on its web page and get the solutions your business needs to achieve more by spending less.


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