What Are the Benefits of "Managed Services" — IT Managers' Choice for a Smoother Digital Transformation

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The wind of change and transformation that blows with the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all of our habits. When consumers' shopping reflexes started to change, the services offered by businesses also began to change and develop in parallel. Being aware of the fact that everything is starting to go digital, businesses that planned gradual digital transformation projects but with the pandemic, they had to complete this process in the fastest and most accurate way possible.

According to a research by IDC, by 2022, 46% of all global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will consist of products and services provided by enterprises that have successfully completed their digital transformation. This projection of the IDC research, which the business world also takes as a reference for determining strategies, is another source of motivation for enterprises to pursue digital transformation.

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Managed services are one of the solutions most frequently used by businesses for a fast and smooth digital transformation process. For a detailed look at the advantages of managed services for businesses, you can read our previous blog post from the link.

One of the most important benefits of managed services is the advantages it offers for IT teams, and this benefit is of undeniable importance. In this blog post, we will focus on the advantages that IT professionals and managers will gain in businesses that use Eclit's Managed Services:

1. How to Use Managed Services to Eliminate Operational Burdens?

IT managers and specialists spend the most time on the daily operational tasks of their companies. They have to devote a large part of their workday to fixing mail server and network problems and failures in system hardware. However, companies expect strategic contributions from IT managers and specialists.

IT teams of companies that use Eclit's Managed Services do not have to deal with daily operations. Thus, they have time to focus on making necessary improvements to build the coming year's infrastructure, integrate the developments that can create added value to the company, and make budget planning for necessary arrangements that can take the company one step further.

2. How Do Managed Services Contribute to the Development of the IT Team?

As the daily operational burden of the IT department leads to inefficient use of time, IT managers are unable to make sufficient contributions to their teams. While trying to solve everyday problems, the team becomes unable to find the space and time they need to specialize in certain issues and develop themselves to make a significant contribution to the company. Only through managed services can a company provide its IT team this space and time. Thanks to managed services, IT managers can provide necessary guidance to support the development of their teams and the team can focus on tasks in which they can create higher added value in a comfortable work schedule.

All these advantages increase the visibility and reliability of IT departments on a team basis, while also making a great contribution to businesses.

3. Is It No More a Dream to Get Regular Reports and Tests with Managed Services?

IT departments bear the invisible workloads of businesses. For managers who are not familiar with information technologies, it is a bit difficult to follow the developments about the functioning of this department. That is why it is very important for IT department managers to send regular reports to their directors to update them on the current state of projects and close this gap. However, it may not be possible to get these reports regularly, as the IT department also has to deal with daily operations. Similarly, it is very important to conduct regular tests to monitor system performance and to see if there are any unnoticed problems on the backend side that may cause disruptions in the future. Besides, the IT department cannot find the time for proactive actions as they have to deal with urgent problems and take reactive actions.

Thanks to the regular reporting and testing features offered by Eclit Managed Services, the IT department can closely monitor the list of recent developments, fixed problems, and tasks to be done, thus keeping track of ongoing and completed tasks. This way, the IT department can take important steps not only to save the day but also to shape the future of the organization.

4. How to Use Human Resources Effectively with Managed Services?

The plethora of daily operational tasks and the need to get quick results in urgencies inevitably increase the need for human resources. Besides, the need for 24/7 monitoring of systems to detect any possible interruption earlier also leads to an increased need for human resources. However, businesses that use Eclit's Managed Services transfer their operational tasks and switch to a system in which they can use their workforce in the most efficient way, thus saving on their human resources costs.

For businesses that aspire to exist in a competitive environment, digital transformation is no longer a reality that can be postponed. However, businesses that want to achieve this transformation in the most smooth and fastest way possible need to make sure that they can benefit from the robust know-how of the team they will work with. That's why you shouldn't wait any longer to meet Eclit's Managed Services and achieve more by spending less.

Seize the opportunity to make a profit with lower operational costs now, while also carrying your business one step further.


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