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A Real Backup Solution that Works
Seamlessly in Compliance with PDPL/GDPR

Eclit's Backup Service is fully managed by Eclit and governed by a service level agreement (SLA). This is a truly reliable backup service, which you can also use through Eclit Cloud to keep a copy of your data off-site.

What Does the Backup Service Offer?

Today, data is the essence of all organizations. Even if you take all kinds of highest-level security measures or have the highest-performance server systems, you will always need a data backup solution that is managed in line with global standards, powered by advanced technologies and can be accessed quickly when needed. Today, many large enterprises can experience data losses and have to pay very large prices in return because they do not have the right backup systems, or sometimes they think they have.

With Backup Service, you get a real managed monitoring system instead of making a centralized data backup only on-premise, and thus you have a PDPL- and GDPR-compliant backup solution monitored 24/7, which allows you to run all your systems in Eclit Cloud when necessary. Backup Service is like an insurance for your data.

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What are the Benefits of Backups?

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Eclit's Backup Service is automated. After the solution is installed in line with the backup plan created by our engineers, your data is automatically backed up to the Eclit Cloud. Thanks to the Eclit Backup Service, you don't need to worry about data loss risks and waste time with traditional backup products.

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Since your data is stored in the Eclic Cloud as part of the Backup Service, you will not be exposed to risks that hackers, natural disasters and user errors cause. The data stored in the Eclit Cloud is encrypted and the risks that your data may be exposed to are minimized.

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PDPL compliance

Eclit Cloud operates in three major operators in Turkey, at 6 separate data centers operating under Tier-3 standards. Your data is stored within the borders of the country in line with global standards and compliance with all laws and regulations including the PDPL.

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Thanks to Eclit's Backup Service, you don't have to bear the high costs of the hardware and software required for a backup. You can make your data backup decisions according to the needs of your business, not the price.

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